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Message from the Executive Director

Meet our Executive Director Susan Spencer Farinacci.

Susan Spencer Farinacci

Susan Spencer Farinacci

You see it all the time. Great kids—really bright kids—failing, dropping out of college, giving up. Many of these students have learning disabilities and/or AD/HD. And most of the time, they aren’t failing in college—college is failing them. Let’s face it, compared to high school, some universities can be impersonal and unstructured. It’s a challenge for any student. The challenge is too often overwhelming for the student with a learning disability.

Many colleges now offer programs for these students. And there are good programs out there. Some, though, are excellent, and I’d like to tell you about one of the best.

I’m Susan Spencer Farinacci, Executive Director of the Learning Resource Program at Adelphi University. What we’ve learned over time is that individuals with learning disabilities and/or AD/HD are highly gifted and talented. Our challenge—and theirs—is to uncover those strengths and abilities that are unique to them. As you may know, our program was one of the first in the country, established in 1979. Why have we been around so long? And why do we continue to attract students from around the U.S. and abroad? Frankly, it’s because our philosophy is to provide:

  • A professional interdisciplinary staff of creative and gifted clinical educators and clinical social workers with advanced degrees
  • A team that has the experience and talent to work with and relate to college students with learning disabilities and/or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • A structured and highly individualized approach for each student
  • Consistent and innovative approaches to teaching academic and life skills
  • A low student/professional staff ratio
  • Advisement and early registration.

I’ve been with this program since 1985 and I’ve had the satisfaction—the joy—of helping these kids succeed. My talented staff and I work hard at what we do. But it’s all worth it when we see the results. Recently, for example, a student with a severe disability—now a successful doctor of audiology—went out of her way to write and thank me for helping her learn the skills and gain the confidence for high achievement.

Might you or someone you know benefit from our program? Why not take a few minutes to review the information on this website. Then call us to see how we can help.

Most sincerely, 

Susan Spencer Farinacci
Executive Director


For further information, please contact:

Learning Resource Program
p – 516.877.4710
e – lrp@adelphi.edu

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